20 October 2006

Kartik Diary 9


Keshi-ghata Bhajan, Murarimohana-kunja
Kartik 2004 - Bimal Kunda
Syama Gauri Nitya Kisori

Jay Sri Radhe!

Kamyavan was our destination today. Vrindavan consists of 12 forests, Kamyavan is one of them and it stretches just over the Rajasthani border. It was therefore a long and bumpy 2 hour drive to get there.

Yesterday was no parikrama, a resting day so to speak. Last night and this morning there was a thunderstorm in Vrindavan and it was raining. This is unusual for this time of the year as the rainy season has already passed. There were clouds in the sky throughout the day, which made our parikrama with quite a bit of walking less austere.

Dhina Bandhu Prabhu explained that the sun is actually not so hot at this time of the year because there is so much dust in the atmosphere. In the rainy season, however, all this dust has been washed out by the rain and if the sun comes out behind the clouds she is unbearingly pearcing.

After a bit of walking we arrived at some extremely beautiful hills. Despite its spiritual significance Vrindaban and the wider Braj area is so, so beautiful. It appears at times one is walking right into a painting of the Krishna Book or a painting by one of the great masters some 500 years ago. No wonder that God chose this tract of land to perform His pastimes. It is actually not so difficult to imagine how Braj and Vrindavan looked like some 5000 years ago.

The Beautiful Hills of Kamyavan

It is certainly no exaggeration when we hear from Krishna Book about the unimaginable opulence of Vrindavan and Nanda Maharaja with his herd of 10,000 cows. If anyone has the faintest doubt that the descriptions and pastimes in Krishna Book may be exaggerated or just some poetic descriptions or fairy tales he will be utterly convinced by coming to Braj. There is no doubt and Krishna's pastimes in the forests of Vrindavan take on a new meaning and reality. I just wish I could take all of you to this sacred tract of land. Next year we will try to plan a group visit to Vrindavan and everyone is invited to join us for either one, two, three or all the four or five weeks. Just start booking your holidays for the beginning of kartik 2007.

In these hills of Kamyavan we were able to see the rock slide where Krishna and Balarama and the cowherd boys were sliding down the hill. We were even able to follow in their footsteps and slide down ourselves. It was great fun. We also saw Krishna's footprint on top of the hill and Vyomasura's cave.

The Rock Slide

A refreshing bath in Bimal Kund, which was produced by the perspiration of one million gopis, put a suitable end to the day's pilgrimage. Jimmy and i didn't take a bath this time as we both got a cold from the drastic weather change due to the onset of the winter season. We just offered our obeisances and sprinkled some of this sacred water on our head. Nandini Radha Mataji, however, braved the waters of Bimal Kunda and surely received full benefit and blessings for that. Tomorrows parikrama will lead us again to Gokula because it is Diwali and the day when the Damodara Lila took place.

With love and affection,

Your servant in the service of Srila Prabhupada,

Gauranga Sundara Das


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