03 November 2006

Kartik Diary 17

Purusottama Ksetra

Nilacala Mahaprabhu 1
Nilacala Mahaprabhu 2
Nilacala Mahaprabhu 3
Nilacala Mahaprabhu 4
Nilacala Mahaprabhu 5
Nilacala Mahaprabhu (all tracks)
Varsana Song

Dear Devotees
Jay Jagannath!

Today we arrived in Jagannath Puri. The overnight train journey was like traveling in a fridge due to the air conditioning. This was especially amplified because my bed was on top right next to the air vents. I managed some how or other to cover two of the vents with a sheet and pulled the blanket over my head after putting on a warm pullover. We survived somehow with and arrived with a few hours delay in Puri.

Sunset over the Bay of Bengal

The guest house which mother Racitambara in Mayapur recommended to us looks nice and clean and is only a few minutes away from the beach front. We saw the Indian ocean on our way to the Shanti guest house. It looks magnificent and awe inspiring with a seemingly endless coastal line and its huge waves. We will certainly inspect the waters which bathed Lord Caitanya's body after which He was caught in the net of the fisherman. It is also the very same ocean in which the wooden logs were found to be carved into Lord Jagannath. As such this ocean is a place of pilgrimage. After a bath we are planning to visit the Jagannatha temple.

Jay Jagannatha, Subadra, Baladeva!

With love and affection,

Your servant in the service of Srila Prabhupada,

Gauranga Sundara Das


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